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Real Estate Marketing Software

Real estate and property brokers today can hardly work without a proper marketing software. There are several online tools available on the market, many of which are supported by FREE!Immo. Below you find a survey of popular software applications used in the real estate business. If you miss your favourite software we look forward to receive a note from you, and even more we are interested to get in contact with the respective software producer.

Maklersoftware Immformer


Immformer - the powerful marketing system for real estate and properties leaves you precious time for more essential other things.

Immformer offers a complete package for the automatic handling of otherwise time-consuming management and routine tasks. You still will have to attend your appoinments, but IMMFORMER allows you to invest more time into them.




As the producer points out there is no other real estate software besides EXPOSÉ 8 that offers a wider range of functions, while at the same time being so easy to handle. Prospective buyers, property-owners, properties, dates, pictures, descriptions, documents, etc are displayed efficiently and clearly arranged. The free version 'EXPOSÉ welcome' - can handle up to 10 properties and 50 prospective buyers. It offers all functions including PDF-Mailing and an export interface.




"onOffice enterprise" ist die innovative und zukunftssichere Immobiliensoftware. Sowohl Standardfunktionen wie die Objekterfassung, Schnittstellen zu Immobilienportalen und Exposéerstellung in Word, PDF und HTML, als auch erweiterte Anforderungen wie Serienmailfunktion mit Exposéversand, individuelle Anpassungen der Software u.v.m. sind mit onOffice enterprise problemlos umsetzbar.

Seit der Gründung der onOffice Software AG im Jahr 2003 profitieren bereits über 10.000 Anwender vom Experten der online basierten Immobiliensoftware onOffice enterprise. Seit September 2015 existiert neben dem Aachener Hauptsitz auch die onOffice Software GmbH in Wien. Mit mehr als 100 Mitarbeitern überzeugt das onOffice-Team mit seinem fundierten Know-how neben Immobilienmaklern, auch Banken, Makler-Netzwerke sowie Fertighaushersteller.




The professional Internet presence for real estate companies. Make it easier and more convenient for your clients to access your properties and fast track your company’s success. immoprofessional is very easy to use. Individually designed. Available at incredibly good conditions. Easy to use from your PC – down to the smallest detail. All of this at an extremely affordable price. Go online now with your individual Internet presence from immoprofessional.




WebReal is offered by 'ERESNET GmbH' and is the most common real estate marketing software in Austria. It works as sort of control desk and enables a simple and efficient management and marketing of properties. Innovative solutions, including the section 'Social Media', and the co-operation with various real estate platforms make WebReal special.

In the last 15 years 'ERESNET GmbH' produced several innovations for a successful real estate marketing and wants to be seen as an independant consultant for the business. They support professional property agents, building companies and property managers in their managment and marketing.


Maklersoftware Visionline

1st Immobilien-Software

CRM-VISIONLINE is a powerful customer relationship management-software for real estate business companies. It helps them to create a faster, more flexible and more cost-effective business process.


Maklersoftware Pnet IMMOBILIEN


'Pnet IMMOBILIEN' claims to offer a powerful tool for a widespread and effective marketing that as far as functionality and handling are concerned has been unrivalled since 1998.

All it takes is a mouse-click to send your properties to the real estate platforms of your choice or to your own website. As simple as that.


Maklersoftware EDI-Real


The company points out that 'EDI-Real' covers all tasks that a modern real estate bureau requires. The software allows managing virtually every business transaction, in particular managing contacts, property-descriptions, printing of displays and adverts, forms for any sort of transactions, reports, filing of documents, internet export, export to Excel and Word, etc.

Complete management of all datas of prospective buyers, business partners, addresses, special wishes of customers, pictured displays, plans, dates, tasks and a lot more, not to forget the correspondence.


Maklersoftware ImmoZ


'ImmoZ' is a complete real estate marketing software that also exploits all possibillities the internet offers. According to the firm the most professional and most up to date software for real estate trustees. No downloads, no installations, available at any time from any internet station, just sit down and start.

With ImmoZ no further software is needed for creating and printing documents. Hundreds of real estate brokers all over Austria look forward to co-operate with you.


OpenEstate Immotool

OpenEstate Immotool

Provides a fully functional XML data base. Translations into several languages are available through the OpenEstate-Community. The program is set up in modules that can be activated/deactivated according to your requirements. We currently provide a Beta-version only.


Immobilien CRM FlowFact


The FlowFact real estate CRM solution is tailored to property and business brokers, banks and saving banks, property managers, cooperatives, builders, project developers or fund-initiators.

Immobilien CRM FlowFact - the daily business, contact managemnet, organization, marketing and controlling become efficient and leave more time for your prospective buyers and clients. FlowFact keeps the tracks, thus enabling you to re-construct the history behind every business-step, even years later.




AMMON sets new standards for your bureau. You manage your whole real estate business just via the program. The fully automatic filing system will never lose datas or store them in the wrong place. Besides that AMMON is a great help with controlling the costs and employees and the prove of expenses for your clients.

AMMON, though fairly new, is proud of having many customers. Try and test AMMON for a period of 30 days, free of charge and without further obligation.


Maklersoftware JUSTIMMO


The web-based JUSTIMMO software combines the essential demands for a modern real estate business in one package and supports you in professionally marketing your properties. The program offers a website that can be taylored to your corporate design, the management of your properties, automatic profiles of the requiremenst of your prospective buyers and the management of unlimited amounts of pictures, videos and 360° panorama views, of course also for the use in your existing website. Easy to handle and independant from where you are, no minimum periods of use and no extra costs if several of your employees use the tool!


Maklersoftware Makler 2000

estateOffice (Makler 2000)

estateOffice - exactly the proper solution for everyone who wants to successfully market houses, flats, building plots or luxury-properties for their clients.

This modern software for property marketing, based on new technologies, offers several new options. If you key in property datas, manage addresses or produce brochures - with estateOffice it is simply faster.


Immobilien WebCore

Immobilien WebCore

Immobilien@WebCore allows a professional real estate and property marketing management. It offers all functions and is easy to handle. Manage your properties, present them on your webpage and export them to several real estate platforms. There is also a tool for statistical functions, a broker-diary that keeps records of all your activities, a property-matching tool and a client-matching tool bring together properties and matching prospective buyers.

Use the advantage of this online tool: Management/marketing from every PC and any place. Automatic export to real estate platforms. Professional presentation on your website.


Maklersoftware IMS 2000 Objekt

IMS 2000 Objekt

'IMS 2000 Objekt' offered by 'Igedia GmbH.' is a powerful software for real estate brokers to market properties. 'IMS 2000 Objekt' sets new standards in reliability, speed, user friedlyness and integration of Microsoft Office.

IMS 2000 is easy to use and can be adapted without problems to your personal requirements.


Maklersoftware Nexus


'NexusAgent' - the real estate software by 'Awacs Financial Software Systems' - allows a perfect management and controlling of all your business-related activities, thanks to its powerful address and property data base. Slim and functional - extraordinary quality for a bargain. What makes NexusAgent unique is the built-in financing consultant.

The free ImmoNexus has an appealing and functional design and does without distracting extra-tools. ImmoNexus is simply clearly arranged and can be easily operated.


Maklersoftware MaklerManager


The MaklerManager is well designed, simply structured, quickly to be understood and easily to use. Contacting clients and keeping records of your activities are to be named as particulary clearly arranged.


Maklersoftware TopREAL


TopREAL, die Komplettlösung für Immobilienmakler

Erfolgreiche Kooperationen mit allen großen und vielen kleineren Plattformen ermöglichen zielgruppengenaue Online-Insertionen – per Klick. Das integrierte Customer Relationship Management (CRM) mit automatisierter Angebotserstellung in Ihrem Corporate Design und umfangreichem Aktivitätenmanagement macht TopREAL zu einer effizienten All-In-One-Lösung.

Seit bereits mehr als 20 Jahren überzeugt TopREAL als umfassende Komplettlösung für ImmobilienmaklerInnen. Rund 1.000 UserInnen in ganz Österreich arbeiten täglich mit TopREAL.

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst und testen Sie TopREAL GRATIS!


Maklersoftware Win-IMOS 7

Win-IMOS 7

Win-IMOS manages your property descriptions and datas, including pictures and prospective buyers. A search function helps you to find properties matching the needs of your clients. Create offers and brochures with a mouse-click, using either the internal word-processor, Mirosoft Word or the internal reports-designer. Send out your offers by mail, as personally arranged PDF, per email or per fax conection. Several templates for documents are included in the package.




Mit ImmoSoftware24 verwalten Sie nicht nur Ihre Anbieter, Interessenten und Anfragen, koordinieren wichtige Termine und Aufgaben, sondern übertragen Ihre Objekte auch bequem und schnell auf zahlreiche Immobilienportale. Eine professionelle Makler-Website gibt es kostenlos dazu.

Bei Fragen stehen wir Ihnen jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung.


openimmo format

Other software-products using the OpenImmo standard

OpenImmo-Format - the XML-standard for the exchange of real estate and property datas in the German speaking world.